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Annual meeting for regional referral committees

On September 12, the Ministry of Health organized an annual meeting of regional referral and specialized committees to review the achievements of the work and the role of the committees in organizing the referral process. Dr. Amira al-Hindi, Advisor to the Minister of Health for Referrals, presented the legal content for the formation of the committees according to the decision adopted in 2004 based on the principles of transparency and equality in decision-making. Additionally, she reviewed the tasks required from the medical committees for referrals and the most important circulars issued during 2018, as well as challenges and plans for the future. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Asad Ramlawi, the Deputy Minister of Health, presented plaques and certificates honoring committee members and the internal audit, engineering, and computer units. The meeting was also attended by IntraHealth International’s  Palestinian Health Capacity Project team.